Singular Nouns ឯកវចននាម

  • When you talk about one person, animal, place, or thing, use a singular noun

For example:

    • Person: a boy, a girl, a man, a teacher, …
    • Animal: a dog, a cat, a cow, an elephant, …
    • Place: a school, a mall, a cinema, an airport, …
    • Thing: a book, a pen, an eraser, a door, …
  • Notes:
    • Use a or an before singular nouns.
      • Use an before nouns beginning with vowels (a, e, i, o, u).
      • Examples:
        • An apple
        • An orange
        • An aunt
        • An uncle
        • An umbrella
        • An ice cream
      • Oops! There are some exceptional cases. For example, use a instead of an before these words that begin with u and sound as [ju:]
        • A university
        • A university
      • Use a before words beginning with consonants (any alphabets besides the 5 vowels)
      • Example:
        • A man
        • A car
        • A hill
        • A monster
        • A pillow
        • A watch
      • Be aware of some exceptional words like “ an heir, an honor, an hour,…. Use an before words that begin with h with [h] sound.



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