Nouns: Common Nouns- នាមសាធារណ៍


Nouns: Common Nouns: នាមសាធារណ៍
Nouns are​ names of people, animals, things, and places. Nouns are​​​​​​ divided into​common nouns and proper nouns.​​ Common nouns are words for people, animals, things, and places.
នាមគឺជាឈ្មោះរបស់មនុស្ស​ សត្វ វត្ថុ និង​ ទីកន្លែង។​ គេបែងចែកនាមជាពីរប្រភេទគឺ ៖ នាមសាធារណ៍ និង នាមអសាធារណ៍។ នាម សាធារណ៍ជាពាក្យដែលគេប្រសម្រាប់ មនុស្ស សត្វ វត្ថុ និង ទីកន្លែង​ជាទូទៅ។

ÞThese are words for people. They are common nouns.
Actor, lawyer, aunt,
judge, baby, man, baker, nurse, cook, police, officer, dentist, singer, doctor,
Look at a few examples using the above common nouns:
       My brother is an actor.
       My sister is a lawyer.
       I miss my aunt.
       My baby is a good student.
       I want to be a nurse.
ÞAnd here are some words for animals. They are also common nouns.
Cat, goose, cow, hen, dog,
horse, dolphin, mouse, duck, parrot, fish, shark, goat, whale.
See a few sentences using words for animals:
       There are two cats in my
       I want to see a dolphin in person.
       Be careful when you swim because there
are sharks in the sea.
       Parrots are beautiful.
       Whales are huge.
ÞAnd here are some words for things.
Bag, kite, box, ladder, bread, lamp, picture, chair, radio, television, cup, train, desk, truck, door, watch, egg, window
See a few sentences using words for things:
       Father, please buy me a kite.
       Your cat is in the box.
       I want to eat bread with milk.
       I cannot even cook egg.
       Can you shut the window?
ÞAnd here are some words for places.
Airport, market, cave, mountain, church, playground, farm, restaurant, hill, school, hospital, seashore, hotel, stadium, house, supermarket, island, temple, mall, zoo.
See a few sentences using words for places:
       I want to go the zoo.
       It is so dark inside the cave.
       We stayed in a hotel last night.
       We watch football in the stadium.
       My school is near here.

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