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Reflection Paper for Week 1

Reflection Paper for Week 1


To start, let me tell you that I was really happy to learn about this subject, Second Language Acquisition. Of course, for the first week I read all three books such as  Ortega (2009), de Bot et al. (2005), Brown (2014). They are useful for me as well as my classmates. In Ortega, It tried to define the SLA as the scholarly field of inquiry that investigates the human capacity to learn languages other than the first,during late childhood, adolescence or adulthood, and once the first language or languages have been acquired, and much more. Similarly, de Bot et al also described basic issue in SLA, and focus on some key terms such as Monolingualism, bilingualism and multilingualism etc.In addition, Brown concentrated on languages, learning and teaching. With reading through these books and explaining from teacher as well as group discussion made me clearer about SLA. Though, I still miss some points. Anyway, I will try to read more. Let me share some of my experiences in language learning and teaching. In my language learning, I prefer teacher-centered to student-centered because it seems pressures to me, while in my teaching I prefer student -centered to teacher-centered.

Thank you lecturer and classmates for this first week.

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