Introduction to Verb tenses

In order that actions can be expressed accordingly, Verbs are divided into three major forms (due to the real situations). For instance, you may want to convey someone that you are a good at something. The core part of this statement is the fact that you can skillfully do that particular thing. The first thing to consider in this situation is that in order that a person gains such skills to do something, he or she needs to spend tremendous amount of time practicing it. In this very situation, it comes to mind the present verb form. Due to the universal grammar use, present verbs imply the frequency of doing something or the state that something exists according to the past experiences.
Verb tenses are divided into three major categories:
2.     Present (state, fact, frequency)
3.     Future (plan, prediction)


The following taps will includes some basic information or set of rules hidden behind each verb form.

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