Past tense

Every action that was completely done is considered a past action. The statement “You went to school yesterday.”, is written or spoken in past tense because it no longer exists. It is obvious that yesterday completely ended when today came. In short, whatever finished in the past must be expressed in past tense. It is just that past tense itself is divided into different situations which we have to take notice of in order that we convey correct information to our listeners or readers.
A question may or may not come into your mind. “What are those different situations?”; “How can I distinguish all of them?” If you have this kind of doubt, you have come to the right place. The up-coming sections will guide you through every situation in past tense. What are you waiting for? Scroll though the pages and start learning!
                Here are your destinations! Follow these paths to reach the ultimate goal of understanding about past tense.
> ​​​​​​​​Past simple​
> Past Continuous
> Past Perfect
> Past Perfect Continuous.

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