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Past Simple (អតីតកាលធម្មតា)

Past Simple (អតីតកាលធម្មតា) Let’s study a dialogue: Sophea: Hello, Dara! Dara: Hello, Sophea! How’s it going today? Sophea: Fine! Anyway, why didn’t you go to school yesterday? The teacher just collected our homework. Dara: Opps! Did he? Sophea: Sure thing! You missed one homework, dude. Dara: That was my bad. I overslept. Sophea and Dara […]

Past tense

Every action that was completely done is considered a past action. The statement “You went to school yesterday.”, is written or spoken in past tense because it no longer exists. It is obvious that yesterday completely ended when today came. In short, whatever finished in the past must be expressed in past tense. It is […]

Introduction to Verb tenses

In order that actions can be expressed accordingly, Verbs are divided into three major forms (due to the real situations). For instance, you may want to convey someone that you are a good at something. The core part of this statement is the fact that you can skillfully do that particular thing. The first thing to consider […]